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SKF Bearings Applications and Classes

SKF is a popular company that operates in 32 countries and delivers excellent engineering products manufactured in more than 140 sites. The company is based in Sweden and unlike most of the other similar companies, SKF focuses on innovation and delivering state of the art products to its customers. The company has been manufacturing engineering products for more than 100 years and it does handle the entire process of manufacturing and even delivering the items to customers or clients.


Although SKF makes dozens of products yet their bearings are quite popular all over the globe because of their high performance, load carrying capacity, durability, reliability and availability in more than 32 countries. SKF Bearings come in different models, types and variations so you can find the most suitable product according to your needs and requirements of the application. The company even has introduced different standards and classes according to different attributes of their products and we’ll talk about it later in this article.


SKF Bearings are an essential part of modern machines so the applications of these bearings are virtually unlimited. SKF Bearings are widely used in following industries.

· Wind Energy Industry

· Mining Industry

· Construction Industry

· Automation Industry

· Agriculture Industry

· Medical and Healthcare Industry

· Solar Energy Industry

Because they offer increased machine uptime, high performance, low maintenance, high precision, more productity, efficiency and overall cost of the system, they are used in industries where heavy duty machinery works with little or no downtime.

R & D

The company is well known to have a highly trained staff in their manufacturing, research and development departments. As mentioned above, innovation is the main focus of SKF and the company has been working on new and better products since it started. Their discoveries in mechanical field yield more efficient machines with high performance and precision. SKF collaborates with several different universities and colleges all over the globe, some of these names are Imperial College London, Tsinghua in China and Technology University in Lulea.

SKF Classes

SKF makes hundreds of type of ball bearings and roller bearing and for convenience it has divided its products in found performance classes.

SKF Standard

These are popular because of their high performance and quality, this type of bearings are used in almost any kind of light machinery while for heavy machinery SKF has other performance classes.

SKF Explorer Class

These bearings run smoother and come with more load carrying capacity. They tend to have longer life and frictionless motion that ultimately reduces the cost and increases the overall efficiency of the system.

SKF Energy Efficient Class

As the name suggests focuses on efficiency of the machine or overall system by reducing the friction up to 30% than other classes. On the other hand, as compared to similar products from other manufacturers, this class delivers even more dramatic results.

SKF Super Precision Class

This class has products with high precision and extended service life.

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