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Timken Bearings


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Timken Bearings


The Timken Company is a global company that manufactures and sells friction management equipment. With over 100 years of demonstrated success, presence in 28 countries, 9 technology engineering centers and about 17,000 employees, the company is renowned for its proven reliability. Many industries, factories and businesses rely on Timken ball bearings and merchandise for their trustworthy products, accompanied by years of innovative technology. These qualities have awarded Timken a myriad of business management, leadership, ethics and global citizenship awards and recognitions.


The Timken Bearing Company specializes in antifriction bearings, but offers a wide array of products to suit multiple industries and usages. Categories of Timken products include, but are not limited to:

  • Roller bearings
  • Ball bearings
  • Spherical Plain Bearings
  • High-performance Bearings
  • Aerospace Bearings
  • Integrated Bearing Assemblies
  • Precision Bearing Assemblies
  • Precision Bearings for Machine Tools
  • Housed Units
  • Automotive Specialty Kits.

Under each of these categories, multiple Timken bearings and products are offered to suit various market needs. The ample selection of Timken bearing assemblies allows the equipment to suit the customer's specific requirements regarding fit, weight, speed, accuracy, precision, temperature resistance, and load capacity.

In order to accommodate to multiple industries and applications, Timken utilizes different materials, and offers the customer the most optimal solution for the case at hand.


Timken bearings friction management technologies and power transmission solutions cater to numerous industries. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The aerospace industry (including defense and military applications);
  • The agriculture industry (both large-scale agricultural tools and small-scale farmer equipment);
  • The automotive industry (optimization of fuel-efficiency, emission reduction and performance improvement in vehicles ranging from small automobiles to large trucks);
  • The health sector (hospital, surgical, fitness and rehabilitation equipment);
  • The mining industry;
  • The wind energy sector;
  • Coal, oil and gas power plants;
  • Railways construction and repair.


The Timken Company is notorious for the remanufacturing and repair services it offers. However, in addition to these basic services, Timken provides reliability services which include alignment and balancing of equipment, system monitoring, electric motor testing, ultrasonic testing, infrared thermography, particle analysis and vibration analysis. These ensure that Timken ball bearings and other products optimally perform to their utmost potential.

The Timken Company's highly-trained staff also run training facilities aimed at engineers, students, and maintenance professionals. These Timken Bearing Company services contribute to the equipment's durability and the company's world-renowned reputation.


You can buy Timken ball bearings in a large number of shops worldwide, and are often sold either in Timken sales offices or in authorized Timken Bearings distribution points. Additionally, the company sells Timken bearings online through an online store to allow customers to quickly and conveniently buy Timken bearings.


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