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Ball Bearing - Flange Bearings


Flanged ball bearings are especially engineered to provide a precise mounting fit for ball bearings. This is executed via axial location of the bearings' shaft ends, stabilizing the bearings' positioning and consequently maximizing the load support. When utilizing a ball bearing where the shaft axis is perpendicular to the mount, flanged ball bearings facilitate rotary or linear movement.

There are numerous types of bearing flanges, and both their designs and their cages are engineered to suit their corresponding ball bearings, in order to optimize their loading and speed capacities, and allow the two devices to function in unison. The flange bearings are screwed in relation to the shaft axis. Thus, the flanged roller bearings are comprised of an insert attached to a relatively flat housing structure.

Flange mount bearings are often equipped with an easy to install spherical ball that offers a pivoting angle in order to relieve misalignment. The flange mount bearings are characterized for being highly sturdy, maintenance-free, dirt-resistant, water-resistant, and able to adapt to an array of room temperatures. Locate a manufacturer of flanged bearings with our bearing finder!


Since flange mount bearings are designed to increase positioning accuracy, there is a myriad of model availability, each designed to suit particular ball bearing functions and requirements. Find them all with our bearing finder. When selecting spherical flange mounted bearings, the dimensions should suit the diameter of the shaft, and they are thus available in a myriad of sizes. The largest differentiating factor between flanged ball bearings is the number of bolts (mounting holes) on the mechanism.

Two-bolt flanges: these flanged ball bearings are available either in a wing-shape or in a diamond shape, and have two mounting holes, (usually elongated for simple, user-friendly adjustment). They are engineered to be repositioned and aligned for the shaft's best fit.

Three-bolt flanges: these flanges are round, and have three equidistant mounting holes. They are engineered to be repositioned and aligned for the shaft's best fit.

Four-bolt flanges: these flanges are square shaped, and have four equidistant mounting holes. Due to their larger number of positioning bolt-holes, they are more stable than their two-bolt counterparts, and thus have a greater load-capacity. They are engineered to be repositioned and aligned for the shaft's best fit.

Flange mount bearings are usually made from cast iron or thermoplastic material. However, some manufacturers produce flange mount plastic bearings. These plastic flange bearings offer a more cost-effective option to metal flanges. They are backed by a thin construction to compensate for the lost width, and thus maintain the stability and temperature resistance offered by their metal counterparts.


Flange mounted ball bearings are typically utilized in various industrial sectors, including, but not limited to plant construction, automation, agricultural machinery, machine construction, conveyor technology, and the food industry. Their biggest advantage is the lack of maintenance required for effective performance.


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