Mounted Bearing Distributors


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Mounted ball bearings allow a shaft axis to operate perpendicular to the bearing mount. Alternatively, a pillow block mount allows the shaft axis to rotate parallel to the bearing mount. These self-lubricating bearings require strength & endurance, so hardened materials are always used in the construction of mounted bearing types, typically cast-iron or pressed steel.

Mounted ball bearings are designed to be self-lubricating. An additional innovation is the bearing housing, which allows the inner ring to rotate while the outer ring remains stationary. Bolts through flange mount bearing housing (in a number of different configurations) provide strength & stability. Another variation: split-type versus un-split-type bearing housings. The former are in two-pieces and can be disassembled, while the latter are single-piece and cannot be broken down. Either way, the self-lubricating bearing housing extends bearing life by preventing contaminants from entering.

A summary of the standard bearing mount types:

  • Pillow block
  • 2 bolt flange units
  • Triangle flange units
  • Pillow block (pressed steel)
  • 2 bolt flange units (pressed steel)
  • Triangle flange unit (pressed steel)
  • Round flange (pressed steel)
  • 4 bolt flange units
  • Flange cartridge units
  • Tap base pillow blocks
  • 3 bolt flange bracket units
  • Adjustable flange units
  • Hanger units
  • Cylindrical cartridge units
  • Take-up units
  • Rubber