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Pillow Block Bearings


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Pillow Block Bearings


Pillow bearings are the most commonly used type of ball bearing mechanisms due to their straight-forward, effortless mounting of the bearing insert onto the housing surface. Pillow bearings are mounted ball bearings that continually prove to be successful through their calculated, balanced engineered design.

Although the terms 'pillow blocks' and 'plummer blocks' are often used interchangeably, pillow block bearings are designed for use in more general and less industrialized environments, while plummer blocks are heavy duty pillow block bearings that are often the ball bearing mechanism of choice in heavy-duty settings. Notwithstanding, pillow block bearings are produced either from cast steel or from cast iron, the latter which is intended for more heavy-duty usage.

Purpose & Function

In order to perform its task, the pillow bearings are constructed from two primary elements: a mounting surface often referred to as a 'housing surface' and a bearing insert which is utilized in order to support the housing surface via a rotating shaft. This latter component of the heavy duty pillow block bearings can be re-inserted and replaced upon desire due to the ease with which it is inserted onto the mounting surface.

The ball bearing pillow block's primary purpose is to provide a structure where the bearing can be both safely and easily mounted onto the housing structure, creating an apparatus where the outer ring remains permanently stationary while the inner ring smoothly pivots from within the central axis of the device. This pillow block ball bearing usage yields an immaculately efficient and balanced mechanism, where the two components perfectly align in harmony and allow for the design's trouble-free, smooth ball bearing function.

Engineering & Rotating Capacities

Pillow bearings utilize mounting holes or slots at the housing surface in order to facilitate the bearing insert's mounting and adjustment onto the inner ring in a secure manner. This contributes to the pillow block bearings' user-friendly nature and success in smoothly and stably allowing for the shaft's rotation. The mechanism is easily installed, and does not rely on impeccable precision for its fit and functioning due to the perfectly-designed spherical ball that compensates for misalignment at the time of mounting the apparatus.

Impeccable Balance

These heavy duty pillow block bearings are characterized by their unique, particularly balanced design, where the mounting surface is parallel to the shaft's axis, creating a perfect equilibrium between the bearing's two primary components. This allows for the heavy duty pillow block bearings' ability to perfectly align and unequivocally function in its intended easy-to-use design. The self-aligning pillow block bearing is perfectly engineered to create an easily-assembled rotating axis for light-duty usage.

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