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Ball and roller bearings


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Supporting moving components of all sorts and reducing wear-inducing friction, the bearing is one of the most important industrial parts of all. We are experts at locating every kind of mechanical bearing from top ball bearing suppliers, providing our clients with fast service and reliable, low-cost ball bearings parts when they need them most.

We can both locate bearings and ball bearing suppliers for every type of mechanical bearing, including:

  • Ball Bearing - With a cage containing precisely machined balls, typically made of steel, the ball bearing is a versatile, cost-effective way of reducing friction. The balls are held in place between two rings, called "races," one of which stays in place while the other rotates. The ball bearing is appropriate for any number of applications, providing economical, highly reliable friction reduction.

  • Roller Bearing - A close cousin of the ball bearing, the roller bearing substitutes cylindrical roller elements for balls. In some kinds of roller bearing, these parts may be tapered at the ends, straddling the space between the fully rounded balls of the ball bearing and the plain cylinders of the basic roller bearing. In tight places, thin, specialized rollers may be used to form a compact needle bearing, providing service where no other kind of bearing would fit.

  • Shaft Bearing - As loads rise and higher capacity is required, bearings of even simpler sorts become attractive. Also known as a plain bearing, the shaft bearing consists of a shaft that is lubricated and allowed to rotate in an enclosure. This kind of bearing is typically fitted with grease fittings that allow the easy application of lubricant, as well as seals that help to keep contamination from penetrating inner surfaces. Once again, there are a number of variations on the basic idea, with each being tuned for particular applications. The common pillow block bearing is an example that is used in many places where exposed shafts require support.

  • Flange Bearing - Distinguished from other types by the way it mounts, the flange bearing is used in applications where a close fit to a surface is required. Often attached externally, a flange bearing can be easier to access for maintenance than other types, while still providing good support and friction reduction. Each flange bearing must be an exact fit for its proposed use, making it especially important that one can locate bearings of the right kind.


The Many Uses of the Mechanical Bearing

Wherever there are moving parts, ball bearing components are likely to be found as well. Because ball bearing parts reduce friction and provide support, these components promote reliability and longer duty cycles, keeping factories, power plants, machinery of all sorts, and countless other critical components of modern life running.

Without the mechanical bearing, in fact, much of the world's economic infrastructure would literally grind to a halt. We realize the importance of finding the right bearing for our customers and have developed a large network of ball bearing suppliers that allows us to quickly locate bearings and provide them at the lowest available prices.

High Quality, Genuine Parts from the World's Top Manufacturers

Because a mechanical bearing of any kind is inevitably of critical importance to the equipment it is purposed for, skimping or settling for inferior quality is never a good option. We locate bearings from the world's top bearing manufacturers and ball bearing suppliers, always providing genuine, top-grade parts. We regularly locate bearings and provide parts from these ball bearings suppliers, producers and more:

  • The Timken Company - A leading mechanical bearing producer for more than 100 years, Timken has a worldwide network of more than 60 manufacturing plants. Timken parts are used widely throughout a whole range of industries, from power generation and transmission to aerospace and defense.

  • SKF - Since 1907, Swedish conglomerate SKF has been a top name in the bearing world. With a global customer base and involvement in everything from Formula 1 racing to some of the most demanding industrial applications, SKF stands for quality and innovation.

  • NSK Ltd. - The preeminent bearing manufacturer in Japan, NSK is known for delivering highly reliable products with the finest of tolerances. That combination makes the company's output especially appropriate for sophisticated, high-precision equipment in markets like pharmaceuticals and biological research, but its products are also consistent favorites in heavy industry.

  • Many More - Thanks to our deep worldwide network of ball bearing suppliers, we can locate bearings from any manufacturer. Our customers commonly call on us to deliver products from other manufacturers like Dodge, NTN, SealMaster, and many more, and we pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations.

Whatever the Bearing, We are the Fastest, Most Reliable, Lowest Cost Source

We specialize in one thing—finding and supplying any mechanical bearing our customers ask for—and we do it better than anybody else. The products we deliver are carefully inspected and ready to provide exceptional service in the most demanding and intensive applications. We consistently save our customers time and money, helping to keep their operations running smoothly and reliably.