Thin Section Bearings Variations and Applications

Thin Section Bearings Variations and Applications


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Thin Section Bearings are quite different than other kind of ball bearings because of their smaller size and smaller outer diameter. This particular design and structure also allow these Bearings to be used in applications where weight and space is an issue. On the other hand, despite of their compact sizes these Bearings can deliver high performance with high precision.


Thin Bearings are designed with minimum diameter and size because of space limitation in some equipment and applications yet Thin Bearings tend to be highly efficient even in hard environments. Because of their smaller size and diameter, these Bearings have to be highly precise to perform well and for this purpose manufacturers polish raceways to reduce the frictions and vibration when ball bearings are at work.

That polish yields smooth surface that works perfectly and with the help of high quality bearing balls these Bearings become frictionless thus deliver high performance.


These Bearings are manufactured with several different materials while stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials used in this apparatus. As chrome steel also offers strength and durability, it is also a popular and suitable option. Both of these materials have their own pros and cons; stainless steel offers temperature resistance capability and its ability to adopt temperature change as well as oxidation resistance.

On the other hand, chrome steel is not as good as stainless steel when it comes to temperature variations yet it comes with protective finish. So whether stainless steel is better than chrome steel is not depends upon their applications and whether the environment is corrosive or not.

Variations and Applications

Although these Bearings are not quite suitable for heavy duty machinery because of their load carrying capacity but they are available in different sizes and diameters to meet the requirements. these Bearings are widely used in some industries like robotics, solar panels, radars, guidance systems and satellites, microwave devices, aerospace industry, measuring system, astronomy equipments like telescopes, packaging equipments, glassware equipments, textile machinery, optical scanning equipment, food processing industry and several other industries as well.

Thin Section Bearings Benefits

As these Bearings come with a unique design and structure, they also offer some amazing benefits that no other bearing type or model delivers.

Reduce Vibration

These Bearings are designed and made with high precision and that’s why they tend to have very low vibration that not only enables them to perform well but also makes them more efficient.

Reduced Friction

As mentioned above, these Bearings come with high quality ball bearings as well as well polished raceways, they have low friction. The same quality delivers high performance even in extreme environments.


The byproduct of their high quality components is durability so you can use Thin Bearings for a longer time period than their counterparts.